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4 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin Care

4 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin Care

4 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin Care

It’s winter. No matter where you live, your skin can be affected by changes in the weather. In most areas, winter means the weather is cold and dry. Your skin may thrive during the warmer summer months, but it can become dry, flaky and chapped during the winter. Therefore, it’s important to take extra steps to ensure your skin remains hydrated and healthy when it’s cold outside.

A Little Extra Effort
It’s easy to ignore the warning signs that your skin is becoming dry and flaky. During the colder months, people usually bundle up and wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. These clothing items cover the limbs, which makes it easy to avoid looking at skin that is so dry you can write words on it with your fingernails! But it only takes a few minutes a day and a few habit changes to make sure your skin remains healthy and happy all year round.

Following are four tips on how to keep your skin healthy and vibrant during the cold winter months:

1. Don’t take too many hot showers and don’t soak in hot baths for an extended period of time when the weather is cold. A hot shower or bath  may warm your body on a cold day, but hot water can cause the skin to become excessively dry because the extreme heat can cause the lipid barriers on the skin’s surface to break down. This certainly does not mean you should avoid bathing during the cold months – it simply means you should use warm water instead of hot.

2. Re-fill a humidifier every day and night and keep it running. A humidifier does exactly what its name implies: It adds humidity to the room in which it is placed. When a humidifier is kept running, your skin will resist becoming too dry, cracked, and itchy. Make sure to consistently check and replace your humidifier’s filter so it does not become moldy.

3. Apply moisturizer to your skin every day – at least once. Every time you bathe, you should apply moisturizer to your entire body after you dry yourself with a towel. Additionally, you should put some on your hands every time you wash them throughout the day.

4. Always wear sunscreen, even when it’s cold outside. It may be difficult for some people to understand that just because it’s cold outside, that does not mean the sun’s harmful rays cannot damage the skin. Even if most of your body is covered with layers of clothing, there are always areas of the skin that remain exposed. Also, wearing lip balm that contains adequate SPF is imperative to maintain healthy skin on the lips.

It’s important to take excellent care of your skin all year long. But during the winter months, you  need to pay closer attention to maintaining your skin’s condition. The skin is the body’s largest organ… and it’s important to keep it healthy!

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