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Bay Area Dermatology Physician Describes How He “Rolls” in 86° Magazine Article

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Bay Area Dermatology Physician Describes How He “Rolls” in 86° Magazine Article

Bay Area Dermatology Physician Describes How He “Rolls” in 86° Magazine Article

Walnut Creek dermatologist Dr. Ed Becker is featured in the May/June 2015 issue of 86° Magazine. The article, which was authored by Dr. Becker himself, offers insight into how the doctor “rolls” on a typical work day. Filled with many interesting details about a normal day in Dr. Becker’s life, the information provided in the article provides a unique glimpse into the busy day of a Walnut Creek dermatologist.

86° Magazine is an award-winning publication which can be described as a premier life-style magazine for Contra Costa. The magazine includes many well-written articles that are of particular interest to local residents. The publication includes compelling editorials, custom pictures and illustrations, and interesting articles – which make it quite difficult for readers to set down.

Dr. Becker’s article is unique for several reasons. First, the doctor’s article allows readers to learn a bit more about the life of a Bay Area dermatology physician. From what he eats for breakfast to the number of medical skincare patients he sees on a daily basis, Dr. Becker discusses many personal details in the article. Second, Dr. Becker’s article discusses the concerns that many of his patients have about skin cancer. He specifically states, “One of the problems I try to educate patients about is the misconception that a bronzed tanned complexion is healthy and beautiful.” Third, the Walnut Creek dermatologist discusses his passion for practicing dermatology and his desire to help patients with new medical challenges.

Highlights Included in Dr. Becker’s Article:

The article in 86° Magazine, titled “A Day in the Life of Dr. Ed. Becker” includes several sections. Here is a recap of the way he describes his typical day:

The Morning:
Dr. Becker typically wakes up early, exercises for an hour and a half, takes a shower, eats breakfast, and heads to his Bay Area dermatology office. Once at the office, he prepares for his day by checking messages and turning on the office’s computers. Then, Dr. Becker starts to get excited. He eagerly awaits the arrival of patients, and looks forward to seeing people who have been coming to his office for many years – as well as the new patients he meets on any given day.

The Education Process:
Throughout the day, Dr. Becker spends a great deal of time educating his patients about skin care treatments, explaining the need to use skin care protection products, and describing the various skin care procedures and techniques that can help them resolve their skincare issue. Dr. Becker offers informational videos to patients and also stresses the importance of preventing medical skincare issues from developing in the first place.

Encountering Challenges:

In the final section of his article, Dr. Becker discusses the challenges faced by all Bay Area dermatology physicians – never knowing what issues they will encounter in their office on a daily basis. But, according to Dr. Becker, “The unknown is exciting; it keeps us on our toes because we don’t know what challenges each patient might be bringing.”

To read the entire article authored by Dr. Becker, CLICK HERE. The article will provide you with many details about the typical day in the life of a Walnut Creek dermatologist – which is quite full, to say the least!

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