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Buyer Beware – Don’t Get BOTOX By Just Anyone…

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Buyer Beware – Don’t Get BOTOX By Just Anyone…

Buyer Beware – Don’t Get BOTOX By Just Anyone…

Blog63_-BotoxEveryone has heard of BOTOX®, that’s because it is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world. With more than 6 million treatments performed last year in the United States alone, BOTOX® has people eager to try anything to help fade the signs of again. Even thought BOTOX® is extremely safe, and more so than some over the counter medications people take on a daily basis, the knock off brands of BOTOX® are not.

Some people try to find the best deal on shoes, paper towels, etc., however BOTOX® should not be one of those bargain deals on your list. Botched BOTOX® jobs happened more than you would think and its important to remember when considering any cosmetic procedure, who will be administering the treatment and is the treatment/procedure what they say it is.

We found an interesting and “must share” segment that Dr. OZ did on knowing who’s doing your BOTOX® treatment and doing your research to make sure what the provider is injecting you with is in fact BOTOX®.

Watch Part 1:                                        Watch Part 2:                                            Watch Part 3:

Dr OZ On BOTOXDr Oz on BOTOX part 2Dr Oz on BOTOX Part 3

So some things to keep in mind…


  1. Get your BOTOX® done only by a board-certified dermatologist (both Dr. Becker and Dr. Zimmerman are board-certified dermatologist), plastic surgeon, or ocular surgeon.
  2. Always make sure you are getting the genuine Allergan-brand BOTOX®.

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