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Common Causes of Hair Loss

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Everyone sheds hair every single day. It’s normal. In fact, people can lose up to 100 strands of hair every day without cause for concern. Hair simply cannot continue to grow forever, and each strand eventually falls out. But when a person experiences rapid or excessive hair loss within a relatively short period of time, it can usually be attributed to one or more factors. Some of the common causes of hair loss are temporary, but others are permanent.

Thinning and Baldness – This type of hair loss is commonly called “Androgenetic Alopecia” and “Male-Pattern Baldness.” Despite being referred to as Male-Pattern Baldness, this type of hair loss can affect both men and women. It is usually due to genetics, and it results in a receding hairline in men and thinning hair in women.

Childbirth – Due to changes in hormone levels, many women experience significant hair loss after giving birth. The hair loss can be apparent for many months but in most cases resolves itself without the need for any type of intervention.

Illness – It’s possible for a person to experience hair loss after a serious illness, fever, or virus. Once the body returns to a healthy state, however, this type of hair loss usually stops and hair growth returns to normal.

Thyroid Disease and Other Autoimmune Diseases – If you have unexplained hair loss, it’s important to be checked for thyroid disease as well as other autoimmune diseases to determine if you have an underlying medical condition that is causing you to lose hair.

Cancer Treatments – The chemicals in many types of cancer treatments and/or radiation therapy can cause a people to lose some or all of their hair. Once treatments cease, the hair normally begins to grow again.

Stress – Experiencing an incredibly stressful event such as a death in the family, a divorce, a move to a new city, or any other similar event can trigger significant hair loss. Once the stressful period ends, most people resume normal hair growth. However, a stressful event can result in hair loss that continues for many months after the event occurred.

Hair Styles and Hair Products – People who wear their hair in a pony tail or any other hairstyle that involves pulling or pinning it in a particular spot on the head can experience hair loss. Additionally, washing the hair too often or brushing it excessively can result in significant loss of hair.

Other common causes of hair loss include extreme weight loss, an insufficient diet, and taking certain medications. If you are concerned that you are losing more hair than normal, it’s important to visit a dermatologist to determine the cause. Depending on what is discovered, it may be possible to stop or reverse your hair loss.

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