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Common Skin Care Myths

Common Skin Care Myths

Common Skin Care Myths

It seems that just about everyone has advice on how you should take care of your skin in order to ensure a great complexion. Want to eliminate acne? Some will tell you to simply change your diet. Want to get rid of wrinkles? Some will tell you to simply purchase the “anti-aging” cream they are selling.

There are dozens of skin care myths circulating. While some have a hint of truth to them, many are completely misleading.

Following are some of the most common skin care myths we hear from our clients:

Myth: You can’t help it if you don’t have great-looking skin because you inherit your complexion from your parents and there’s nothing you can do about it. WRONG! It’s true that hereditary factors play a role in your body’s attributes, but the way you treat your skin also affects how it looks. If your mother and grandmother have great-looking skin with very few wrinkles, that does not guarantee that your skin will look the same as theirs – especially if you partake in bad habits such as smoking and sunbathing without proper sunscreen protection. If you want great looking skin, you must take care of it. If you want better looking skin, you must work on it. If you’re happy with the current status of your ski, you must maintain it!

Myth: If you apply sunscreen in the morning, you don’t have to worry about re-applying for the rest of the day – especially if the label says, “all day sun protection.” WRONG! It’s incredibly important to apply sunscreen every four hours – especially if you are going to be outdoors in the direct sunlight, at a swimming pool, on the beach, or in any other similar location. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are incredibly damaging to the skin and sunscreen must be re-applied on a regimen in order to guarantee constant protection.

Myth: Adults can’t get acne. WRONG! Acne can be caused by hormonal changes, and many adults experience hormonal fluctuations throughout their lives. Adult acne can be treated, so make sure to schedule a visit to your dermatologist’s office if you are experiencing acne as an adult. Click here to request your consultation with one of our highly trained providers today!

Myth: Acne is caused by eating greasy and unhealthy food. WRONG! It’s true that eating an unhealthy diet on a regular basis can have an effect on the health of your skin, but acne is caused by a combination of hormones, genetics, medications, cosmetics, stress, and other factors. Acne cannot be blamed on one reason alone. Several things can make acne worse, including squeezing individual pimples, scrubbing acne too hard when washing, and wearing clothing and accessories that cause friction against problem areas.

Stay tuned for more skin care myth’s busted in our weekly blogs!

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