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A Great Home Wart Treatment – Duct Tape

A Great Home Wart Treatment – Duct Tape

A Great Home Wart Treatment – Duct Tape

Think you have a wart? It’s not uncommon to have at least one wart in your lifetime. In fact, if you experience only one wart in your entire life, consider yourself lucky! Warts are caused by a virus that gets into your body through a cut or a break in your skin. Once a wart forms, it looks like a bump and it can feel rough. Don’t worry – warts are growths, but they are not cancerous. When a wart appears on the bottom of your foot, it’s called a plantar wart. It looks different than a wart that appears on your hands, arms, or legs because plantar warts can be flat and they sometimes grow inward.

Warts are Contagious

Please be aware that warts are highly contagious. This is one reason it’s advisable to wear flip flops or another type of water shoe when bathing in a public shower. A person with either a regular wart or a plantar wart can easily transmit the virus by touching another person or an object such as a locker room floor or a towel. Therefore, if you have a wart, it’s important that you cover it in order to protect others from catching the virus.

How do you Know if You Have a Wart?

If you have a wart on any part of your body other than the bottom of your foot, you will see and feel a flesh-colored bump on your skin – similar to a callus. If you are experiencing pain on the bottom of your foot and  discover a patch of skin that appears rough or includes one or more dark spots, you might have a plantar wart. If you believe you have a wart on any part of your body, rest assured that most warts are very treatable and can be remedied by either a doctor or by using an at-home treatment.

Duct Tape

Most people do not realize that at-home wart treatments can be extremely effective. You may purchase over the counter wart medication to can treat it yourself. But to enhance the effectiveness of the wart medicine, you can use it in conjunction with duct tape. Walnut Creek Skin & Laser often recommends that individuals with warts place an over the counter wart medication patch over their wart and then cover the area with a small piece of duct tape. Every three days, the medication and duct tape should be changed. After a relatively short period of time, the wart should either fall off or disappear. This duct tape treatment is highly effective and regularly recommended.

Warts can appear on individuals of any age, but they are most common among children. As people grow older, they typically develop an immunity to the virus that causes warts. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that almost all warts will go away eventually.


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