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Tips for Eliminating Eczema Without Medication

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Tips for Eliminating Eczema Without Medication

Tips for Eliminating Eczema Without Medication

Eczema is a skin condition that produces an itchy rash. It often appears on babies and young children, and it can continue to persist through a person’s entire life. It’s less common for people to develop eczema once they reach adulthood, but it certainly can happen. The rash associated with eczema is often described as red and dry-looking. The most common areas of the body where eczema appears are the scalp, arms, legs, neck, wrists, and ankles. However, it’s also extremely common for eczema to develop on areas of the body that frequently bend – such as the inside of the elbows or behind the knees.

An individual case of eczema can be anywhere from mild severe – and it can also appear on different areas of the body at different points in time. Eczema affects each person differently – but it is usually intensely itchy on anyone who has it. The itchiness of eczema can lead to extensive scratching, which often ends up exacerbating the condition and making it even worse.

There is no clear-cut or specific reason people develop eczema. Many physicians believe it has something to do with associated allergies or asthma. However, besides these possible causes,  several known irritants can cause an eczema flare-up or make a current bout with eczema worse. Many of these triggers are related to soaps and cleaning fluids, pet dander, common allergens, illnesses, extreme fluctuations in temperature, foods that commonly cause allergies in people (such as peanuts and wheat), and hormonal changes.

How to Treat Eczema?
Over-the-counter and prescription medications can be used to combat eczema. However, medication does not always work, and it does not necessarily solve the problem on a permanent basis. Determining  the root cause of the eczema is the first step in curing the condition. But there are multiple ways in which eczema can be either prevented or treated without medication.

Tips on How to Prevent and/or Treat Eczema Without Medication:

  • Apply moisturizer to your skin multiple times a day – and especially after bathing.
  • Do not bathe in excessively hot water – lukewarm is best.
  • Do not scratch your eczema because scratching causes irritation and might make the outbreak worse.
  • Try to keep the air in your house as humid as possible with a humidifier.
  • Attempt to determine the cause of your eczema and eliminate it from your environment.
  • Do not eat foods that seem to make your eczema condition worse.
  • Wear soft and non-irritating clothing.
  • Try to avoid stressful situations.

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