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Treatments for Angiomas

Treatments for Angiomas

Treatments for Angiomas

An angioma is a skin condition that can develop anywhere on the body. It’s made of many small blood vessels and has the appearance of a growth. Angiomas are not uncommon, but typically they appear more frequently on people who are over the age of 30. The most common places where angiomas develop are on the face, neck, arms, or on the front or back of a person’s trunk. In many cases, angiomas do not have to be treated. But occasionally an angioma will either bleed or change shape. If you’ve noticed an angioma on your body appears to have grown either larger or smaller or if it’s painful or bleeding, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist.

What Do They Feel Like?

First, let’s talk about what angiomas look like. They are usually bright red because they are made up of blood vessels. This is why they are often called “cherry” angiomas. But they can also have a purplish color. Angiomas often resemble “spiders” because they can look like red spots with legs – which are actually tiny blood vessels. They can be either flat or raised. Also, they can vary in size from as small as a dot to as large as a quarter of an inch in diameter. In general, angiomas do not cause any problems and are not usually the cause of any substantial pain. But since they are composed of blood vessels, they can bleed if they are poked or disturbed.

Treatments for Angiomas 

The most common treatments for angiomas, which must be administered by a physician, are:

  • Burning/Cauterization
  • Electric Needle
  • Razor
  • Freezing/Liquid Nitrogen
  • Surgery

What Causes a Person to Develop Angiomas?
There is no known specific cause for the development of angiomas. However, there is evidence that some factors play a role in whether or not people will develop one or several angiomas in their lifetime.

  • As people get older, they are more likely to develop angiomas.
  • If a people have a family history of angiomas, the likelihood of developing them is higher
  • Exposure to certain chemicals can increase the chance of angiomas.
  • People who lead a very stressful lifestyle have a greater chance of developing this condition.

If you suspect that a red spot you have noticed on your body is an angioma, it’s important that you schedule an appointment with your dermatologist so your condition can be diagnosed and treated, if necessary. Some angioma treatments are very simple and can be completed in a single office visit without the need for any type of anesthesia. Talk with your dermatologist about your options. Click here to request your appointment with Dr. Becker or Dr. Zimmerman today!

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