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Walnut Creek Skin and Laser is Now Offering MelaFind

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Walnut Creek Skin and Laser is Now Offering MelaFind

Walnut Creek Skin and Laser is Now Offering MelaFind

MelaFind is now being offered to patients by Walnut Creek Skin and Laser. The technology behind this innovative new system is helping dermatologists detect melanoma at very early stages. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) approved MelaFind on November 1, 2011.  However,  many medical dermatology offices around the United States still do not utilize the MelaFind optical imaging device on their patients. Sometimes it can take a long while for medical offices to obtain and begin to utilize new and advanced detection devices – and some offices never do. We are proud to announce that our office is now fully equipped to use MelaFind technology to obtain additional information on atypical skin lesions that we find on anyone who visits our office.

MelaFind is a technological breakthrough in the world of dermatology because it allows us to gather important information that may lead to the early detection of melanoma – an extremely dangerous form of skin cancer. After analyzing MelaFind test results, we will make a decision on whether  to biopsy a skin sample.

How Does MelaFind Work?

MelaFind is non-invasive. The FDAs description of how MelaFind works is as follows:

“The device uses light to image the skin through a layer of isopropyl alcohol to generate a positive or negative result based on predefined image analysis algorithms.”

 Following are the steps involved in using this melanoma detection device:

  1. A dermatologist analyzes a patient’s skin and determines if specific areas show signs of  possible melanoma.
  2. All hair on and surrounding the suspicious mole or skin lesion is removed by shaving.
  3. The mole is sprayed with isopropyl alcohol.
  4. A dermatologist uses the MelaFind device to scan the area in which the mole or skin lesion is present.
  5. MelaFind utilizes computer vision technology via various light wavelengths to see under the skin and obtain data about what is hidden from the dermatologist’s view.
  6. The gathered information is analyzed by computer software.
  7. Images are immediately displayed, and these provide the dermatologist with essential information used to determine whether further tests and/or biopsies are recommended.

At Walnut Creed Skin and Laser, we make our decision on whether to utilize MelaFind to gather more information about an atypical skin lesion based on our initial observation of your skin and moles. If we believe any area(s) need further analysis, and we recommend MelaFind to assist us in learning more about your skin.

The early detection of melanoma is essential. If caught in its earliest stages, melanoma is treatable and curable. Individuals who notice an abnormal mole or patch of skin  should schedule an evaluation. Please contact Walnut Creek Skin and Laser today to schedule your appointment.

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